Brief History?

The origin of The United Church of Christ (FOP) dates back to 1964 at Port Harcourt. The Primate, who was the Founder of the Church, His Grace, The Most Rev. Apostle Dr. Samuel Ugwadinobi Egbo of blessed memory hailed from a humble home in Amuda, Isuochi, in Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria, the son of a prominent Chief of Isuochi Clan, who had an encounter with Jesus Christ. UCC has over 1000 circuits and branches the entire world

The Vision

The United Church of Christ (Fountain of Peace) International shall be known all over the world by miracles, signs and wonders. Mark 16:15-18 “Go ye into all nations and preach the Gospel to all creature.”

The Mission (Mandate)
The United Church of Christ (Fountain of Peace) International is the place where we are assembled by God through Christ to render quality praise and worship to the living God through the Holy Spirit; where we are EQUIPPED with the powerful and undiluted word of God for Growth; enjoying loving FELLOWSHIP with one another in Covenant relationship and we are being RELEASED to make formidable impact in the world for His kingdom, but in doing all, to make Heaven at last.

Aims and Objectives of the Church

The objectives for which the church is established are:

To spread the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world and to win souls for the kingdom of heaven.

To establish churches for converts wherever they reside.

To heal the sick in mind and body in accordance with the doctrine of Jesus Christ as set out in the holy scriptures, the Bible.

To inculcate upon her members the efficacy of prayers, faith and True Christian living necessary for eternal salvation through Christ Jesus.

To encourage the establishment of institutions for training of ministers, church workers and the laity.

The establishment of maternity homes and hospitals and other enterprises in furtherance of any or all the objectives of the church.

To establish, run and manage educational institutions.

To subscribe to or support charitable organizations.

To promote co-operation between this church and other national or international Christian bodies.

To accept voluntary contributions, donations and endowments, whether by vow or by will, whether recurrent or occasional, from any person or persons or corporation to the specific objectives for which they are made.